About Essie’s

Essie’s Restaurant & Lounge was created to deliver premium food and drinks and soulful vibes to New Jersey food and music lovers by our incredible team and comfort food kitchen. Myth, art, love, and beauty paired with our reverence for hospitality have inspired us to create an intimate space for the culturally curious to experience life in the present. A hideaway for couples, close friends, and the adventurous lone wolf, Essie‚Äôs provides artistic entertainment and menu offerings to guide guests through our ever-evolving story. We focus on the classics such as shrimp tacos, bourbon wings, hush puppies, seafood gumbo, and other comfort foods to send all of our guests home happy. Our lounge aims to please, with delicious cocktails, craft beers and wines from all over the world. We combine our love of food and hospitality with our focus on our local community to bring love, memories, and premium experiences to everyone who walks through our doors, and we provide world-class entertainment to make Essie’s the best destination in the region to enjoy yourself.